Our Mission

Creating intentional homes and spaces, with an understanding of your families’ lifestyle and our shared community. We’re committed to redefining the builder-homeowner relationship through transparent communication.

Our Story

At Centrix Homes, our specialty is you.  Everyone is unique, so the construction of your home should be just as unique.  When we meet, your priorities become ours, whether that’s the timeline, budget, aesthetics, or environmental friendliness, our approach is built around doing your project your way.  With our high-level building knowledge and practices, we ensure that your completed project will leave you thinking, “We wouldn’t change a thing!”

Nails and hammers are the simple part – building a quality relationship throughout the process is where our team truly shines!  We advise you EVERY step of the way with clear and timely communication on how to achieve what you value most for your home.  Our flexible building process allows you to adjust decisions as your home is built.  Let’s build a relationship, and together we’ll achieve something great!

Your home is not just a dwelling – it’s a major investment, a sanctuary of comfort, and it shapes your families’ habits for years to come!  Let’s create a habitat for YOUR habits.

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